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5 top tips to prepare for your make-up trial

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

As wedding season is fast approaching and all you 2020 brides out there are in the swing of booking your beauty trials for the big day, I thought now would be a great opportunity to share my five top tips to ensure you get the best from your make-up trial.

It’s really important that you come away from your trial feeling the most beautiful version of you and most importantly, with absolute faith and trust that you are in good hands with your chosen make-up artist (MUA).

A little preparation can make the world of difference!

Tip 1: Show your MUA a photo of you with your day time make-up and evening make-up on

When your Make-up Artist (MUA) arrives for your make-up trial, you will probably have a clean face and no make-up on at all so you are ready to get started. This is super helpful but it does mean that your MUA can’t see your typical make-up look for everyday wear. To help your MUA understand your preferred make-up look, show them a photo of you with day make-up and evening make-up and use those photos to explain how much make-up you want to wear on the wedding day!

Alternatively, just leave your make-up on and your MUA will cleanse tone and moisturise your face before they apply make-up.

Tip 2: Do some research...

Pinterest is your best friend for wedding ideas, so why not use it to find a couple of make-up looks that you like and share them with your MUA. Like with tip number one, this will help your MUA understand your likes and dislikes and create a look closest to what you want. They will be able to advise you on what would work for your skin tone and advise the best colours to compliment your eye colour.

Tip 3: What’s your wedding style or theme?

What colour are the bridesmaids’ dresses? What are your flowers like? Is there a theme? Is it all about the glitz, glam and sparkle or is your style more soft and rustic? Or maybe you prefer classic and elegant?

Whatever your style or theme, your MUA can creatively incorporate this into the make-up.

Tip 4: Make a note of your favourite products

If you have some staple products in your make-up bag that you simply can’t live without, tell your MUA. Simply sharing your favourite make-up products with your MUA, can help communicate what you’ve learnt from experimenting with make-up yourself. This will also give you a great opportunity to talk through the products you don’t get on with and it’s really important you inform your MUA of any allergies or reactions you’ve had to make-up in the past.

Your MUA will of course have their own kit with the long-wearing, high quality products you need for your wedding day and they have the expertise to apply the right products for your skin type and complexion but again, providing this level of detail about your preferences can help your MUA in creating the right look for you. The more information you give, the better!

Tip 5: Remember it’s YOUR trial!

It’s YOUR trial, so if you want something done in a certain way tell your MUA. Some of my clients ask to do their own mascara, which is absolutely fine. We are all particular about how we apply our make-up and having somebody else do it requires a lot of trust, so if you’d prefer to do something yourself on the day then just say. It’s perfectly normal and won’t cause any offence. What’s most important is you are happy!

Bonus tip: Speak up if you don’t like it!

Make-up is so subjective, not everybody likes the same thing and it can be hard to articulate what you want so if you look in the mirror and aren’t too happy with the end result, tell your MUA what you don’t like about it.

For my trial appointments I will block out three hours in my diary to ensure I have enough time to try different looks with my client, allowing me to leave confident that we’ve achieved exactly what they want! I understand that your wedding day is the most important day of your life and you deserve to feel confident and look flawless.

So, all you brides-to-be out there make sure you do not leave your make-up trial until you are 100% happy and confident in your MUA!

I hope this is helpful, please share, like and feel free to get in touch or comment below if you have any questions.

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